It's your personal assistant for the things that matter to you!

Flagis is a simple universal solution for managing all the things that matter to you with the help of "getting things done" principles.

Flagis provides one solution for managing your own tasks, and the tasks you sent to and received from the others, in the same way as emails.

It allows you to manage a single source of task items that matter to you regardless of whether you created them manually or received from others. You can manage them and track responsibility in a very simple and efficient way.

Instead of non-smart sending or just assigning a task to others, there is an action required from the recipient, so you know if the task was accepted or rejected and when that happened.

This provides you with transparency in cooperation, undisputable responsibility and clear tracking in a single tool.

Flagis also allows you to put tags on your tasks. At the same time, you can create a "folder tree structure" out of those tags for filtering tasks, so you will always find the tasks you need.

As a result, you have one transparent list of everything important supported by features for easy management.