your life.

Get smart view over all tasks & notes with clear responsibility. Stop using your email client as a task manager. Apply Mind map on your tasks at one click.

Do things differently!


Smart view

Use your favorite filters as a Mind map to your tasks. You can easily see a single task in various situations when you need it.

Accept incoming task

Keep responsibility with others with mutual agreement by accepting or rejecting every incoming task. It's not like a dummy delegation without any feedback from recipient.

Tasks & notes

You can keep and manage your tasks, received tasks and sent tasks in one list.


You can write comments and chat with other people in every task.


Just upload files like documents, photos, videos, etc. to every task.


Set due dates and reminders to meet your deadlines easily. Push notifications help you to stay in touch with your duties.


Format your content like you do in a text editor.


Add task easily

Smart input for a quick and simple task addition. It helps you to manage a task in one step. Add task details immediately or later. It’s up to you.

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Cooperate Effectively

Send, accept and reject tasks with other people and get a clear and dynamic view with one look, whilst maintaining responsibilities and receiving notifications.

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Complete, Archive, Analyze

Follow the best practices in keeping things organized and stay motivated to hit your next goals. Free your overwhelmed mind and help your life get back in balance.