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Have all your tasks, notes and duties in one place and always to hand. Get your own reliable personal assistant!

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Easy, intuitive, well-arranged. As simple as pen and paper. Be calm and in control of your life.

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Smart View

Be an architect. Create your own view structure to suit your needs. Manage everything in one place.

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Clear responsibility

Not sure if your colleagues, friends or family are dealing with tasks you have sent to them? Doubt no more!

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Tasks & notes

Notes and tasks do not belong in your email or calendar. Manage all your tasks and notes in one place. Always at hand, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


You can write comments and chat with other people in every task. You can even send a comment to a received task, which you have not accepted yet.


You can upload files like documents, photos, videos, etc. to every task.


Never forget a thing. Set due dates and reminders to meet your deadlines.

Color modes

Choose the preferred color mode that suits you best.


Link Flagis with your calendar. Tasks with the entered due date will automatically appear in your calendar.


Add Task Easily

Just one click to add a task to your "To-Do" list and also to required categories.

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Cooperate Effectively

Send a task with clear feedback. The receiver of the task has the option to accept or to reject the task.

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Complete, Archive, Analyze

Keep track of your workload and progress. Follow the best practices in keeping things organized and stay motivated to hit your next goals.

Patrik PalkovicCO-Founder

Why Flagis?

I haven't yet found an application that would combine all my requirements: simplicity and clarity, quick entry and easy search for each task; the possibility to have one task in multiple categories, which I would then logically arrange to suit my style of thinking, the opportunity to send tasks to the others with clear feedback.

There are many applications that are simple but are missing some important features. Or, conversely, they contain a lot of functions, which are complicated and confusing for the common user.

Be efficient and get more free time. Just enjoy your life!

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