About Us

Our journey began when we were looking for a comprehensive solution for task management and note organization. As a team of colleagues, we were used to the high demands for efficiency and precision, but ran into a problem - there was no market solution available that suited us. We sought an application that offered simplicity and user-friendliness, allowing for easy and rapid task input, efficient retrieval, and intuitive categorization. Plus, we required the capability to delegate tasks with clear-cut feedback. Our search came up empty, so we decided to create one ourselves. And so Flagis was born.

Flagis is not a complex team or project tool. It is a web and mobile app for individuals who want to streamline their lives. Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, manager, or parent, this app is designed to suit everyone. In short, it is for anyone who needs to keep their tasks and notes clearly categorized and easily accessible.

The Flagis app is the result of our own quest for the ideal solution. It is based on the experience, needs, and preferences of people like us. It uniquely offers the ability to have one task in multiple categories that you can logically arrange to match your thinking style. We created an application custom-tailored to meet and exceed user needs, with simplicity, intuition, and superb design.

Our team believes that proper organization and planning can markedly improve productivity and quality of life. Join us and enjoy a world where everything is carefully coordinated and nothing gets lost.

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